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A personal site about Ebley School by   Phil Hayward
a pupil with happy memories of the school
1952 to 1958

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Ebley school building is still there but is now used as a chapel
I am still living in the same house at Devereaux , Miss Williams went on to teach at Foxmoor school
I meet Shirley in the Co-op sometimes, Veronica lives a few doors away and I occasionally see Mike, Tom Brown, Maureen, Derrick Chandler and Graham Weaving
I never did learn to spell, let me know if I have spelt your name wrong.
 . The Photo above was taken in 2001 the old Chapel has gone the grave yard is still there
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Thanks to all those who have lent me the photos for this site.   I would love any photos that are missing from this archive, scanned at 300 dpi and sent as Jpegs with no compression would be ideal.. To email me click here  
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 Phil Hayward

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Ebley 1954

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Miss 1955

Miss Gardener's class 1956 

Miss William's class 1956  100k

Miss Dean's class 1956

Mr. Dean's Class1956

Mr. Dean's Class1956 no. 2

Miss? 1957

Miss Williams class 1957

Ebley Firsts Brownie pack 1958

King and Queen Ebley Fete 1958

Play time 1958 ?

Miss Williams class 1958

Miss Gardener's class 1958

Miss Mackey's class 1958 40k

Mr. Dean's class 1958 40k

Rainbow fete 1958

Miss Dean's class 19??

Miss MacKey's class 1959

Bossy Dean's class 1959

1959 hockey team

1959 athletic team

1960atheltic team

1960 Miss Gardener's class

1960 Mr. Dean's class

Play time 1960

Ebley Fete 1960?

Mr. Dean's class 1961

Party 1960??

Miss Gardener's class 1961

Miss Williams class 1961

Mr. Dean's class 1962
1962 athletics team
Miss Gardener's class 1962
Miss Williams class 1962
Miss Mackey's class 1963
Miss Mackey's class 1964
Mr. Dean's class 1964
1964 athletic team
Mr. Dean's class 1965
Miss Mackey's class 1965
Athletic team 1965
Athletic team 1966
Mr. Dean's retirement 1966
Miss Gardener's class 1967
Miss Dean's class 67
Whole school 1976  66k    
Whole school full size   or 500k
part image 1976 250k  
!976 group 1   group 2

              Pages by Phil Hayward born 1947